miniflower2 Daisy Facts: miniflower2

capitalism hater
Rilakkuma lover
cat caregiver
Favorite TV show: Daria
Favorite Anime: Inu x Boku ss
Favorite food: Ramen
I have some other favorite things but I don't want anyone to know enough about me to be able to hack into my bank account which brings me to my last fact: I hate banks
marxism rilakkuma i love my cat noodle

crying eye Why I made this page:crying eye

The commodification of the internet is not a cool innovative thing, it actually just sucks!
I have been online for more than half my life at this point and it is no longer fun. It actually hasn't been fun for a while (probably stop being fun when infinite scrolling became a wide spread practice). I WANT TO HAVE FUN! I want to share some thoughts, photos, information, or whatever I want but I do not want to go through a corporate overlord in order to do that. Above all, I want the internet to be useful again, not just a way of generating profit. Knowledge should not be behind a paywall! has written a lot on the topic of the commodified internet so check it out!
You should also read Aaron Swartz's manifesto, Guerilla Open Access if you haven't already.


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Most of this info is on the resources page but I'll just repeat myself incase you wanted to read it twice.
This site is hosted on which is FREE and has NO ADS. I have very little experience with coding aside from the MySpace and Tumblr days but thankfully HTML and CSS are pretty easy to understand. I was inspired by Kreayshawn and got most of my information from links on her site. I started with a layout created by and from there I just played around with the HTML and CSS code. You can learn a lot by looking at other people's code (don't look at my code, it's a mess) and just looking up your exact question because most likely you are not the first person to have that question.


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